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“There be three things which are too wonderful for me, Yea, four which I know not…and the way of a man with a maid…”

We were talking about privacy and the sex bed, as it is known that “marriage is honorable and the bed undefiled.” Engaging as this novel is, it is set to do one thing, combine the novel ideas expressed through the series and the prayer book in a novel version to appeal to and reach a youthful audience. See I felt as an author that a wide range of my reading audience is not being spoken to directly or they are being missed but a novel may just speak to them. Speaking to our times and days and our generation, the work take personal experience and known knowledge with a string of characters and dive headlong into an entourage with the hope of the redemption of a generation from the hand of a feisty spirit aimed at destroying them. Overwhelmed with this experience, they turn the experience into a reconstruction of innocence with experience discovering the ‘wonders, honor and purity of an undefiled life’. Through this I felt that in this novel I had the full bodied opportunity to effectively exploit the ideals and ideas being expressed by the Holy Spirit through the characters while keeping it novel and exotic.

Sex Drive, Morning Drive by Michael Lattiboudeaire, (The Great House Publishing, Inc., ISBN 1-889448-29-X Hardcover $21.95 soft cover $15.95, Paperback$12.95) Product Code: SDX235710 Category: NOVEL, INSPIRATIONAL, FICTION

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